Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority

Rural Health Services

Public Health Services

Public health services are essential for promoting, protecting, and improving the health and well-being of communities and populations. Currently operates three (3) District hospitals, 17 sub health centers, 12 Community Health Posts (CHP), 6 Urban Clinics, and 22 Aid Posts. These services encompass a wide range of initiatives and programs, including:

  1. Disease Prevention and Control: public health services work to prevent the spread of infectious diseases through vaccination programs, disease surveillance, and outbreak response
  2. Health Education and Promotion: They educate the public about healthy behaviors, provide information on nutrition, exercise, and disease prevention, and raise awareness about health issues
  3. Maternal and Child Health: These services focus on ensuring safe pregnancies, childbirth, and early childhood development through prenatal care, family planning, and paediatric care.
  4. Chronic Disease Management: Programs address chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer through prevention, early detection, and management
  5. Immunization: Public health services offer vaccination programs to protect against preventable diseases and maintain herd immunity in the community.
  6. Environment Health: They monitor and address environmental factors affecting health, including air and water quality, sanitation, and food safety.
  7. Emergency Preparedness – Services ensure readiness for public health emergencies, natural disasters, and bioterrorism threats.
  8. Global Health Initiatives – They extend services internationally to improve health outcomes, including vaccine distribution, access to essential medicines, and disease eradication programs.


These services aim to create healthier communities, prevent disease, and improve healthcare access for vulnerable populations. Public health professionals collaborate with government agencies, healthcare providers, and communities to achieve these goals, ultimately working towards a healthier and more equitable society.