Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority

Swearing in of New WHPHA Board Members

Swearing in of New WHPHA Board Members
From Left Public Solicitor Lawyer Shane Kerowa, Mt Hagen District Court Magistrate Kimberly Berem ,Agnes Pawiong (NDOH Technical Advisor for Strategic Policy, Health Strategies and Policy planning and PHA Acting CEO Jane Holden witnessing Sam Koim OBE -PHA Chairman signing is Oath to office.

The swearing-in of new board members was a very important milestone ceremony for the Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority (PHA).

PHA’s acting Chief Executive Officer Jane Holden says there is a lot of work to do with the new Board. The first step is the orientation to the role led by the National Department of Health (NDoH). She also says that the key or priority areas the new board will be working on include a capital program, the appointment of a permanent Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and the renewal of the strategic and operational plans and organizational goals.

The new Chairman with his board will set the governance and performance agenda.

Holden while thanking the PHA staff for their huge efforts in ensuring we provide the best outcomes further stated that we are resourced to provide and can hold our heads high in terms of service and fiduciary responsibilities further says strong operational performance is directly linked to strong governance.

The new Board is taking on from where the previous board left in March 2021, they are appointed for a term of three (3) years.
The members of the PHA board sworn in today are,
1: Sam Koim, OBE- Chairman
2: Sent Kolda-Deputy Chairman
3: Gerd Linhardt-Member-Business Rep
4: Pendene Taiye-Memember- Religious Denominations Rep
5: Agnes Mek -Member- Women’s Affair Rep
6: Jim Pena-Member- District Affairs Rep
7: Leo Kuringi -Member-Community Rep
8: Dot Kawalga-Member- Community Rep
9: Martina Suve-Member- National Department of Health Rep
10: Joseph Manbil Acting Western Highlands Provincial Administrator -ex-Offico 

Chairman Mr. Koim, upon swearing in stated that the board will do its best to serve the people of Western Highlands and further commends the PHA for delivering health services without a board in place for almost three years.

The new board members had a day of Induction into the Health Systems delivered by officials from the NDoH in Mt Hagen following the swearing-in ceremony. The swearing-in of the oath was witnessed by Mt Hagen District Court Magistrate Kimberly Berem Public Solicitor Lawyer Shane Kerowa.

Present to witness the swearing-in ceremony today were Western Highlands Governor Wai Rapa, Deputy Chairman Special Parliamentary Committee on Health, and Mul Baiyer-Lumusa MP Jacob Kop Maki, National Department of Health Officials, SEM for WHPHA, WHPHA Union Representatives and Donors Rep.