Local woman donates food to Mt Hagen Hospital

Local woman donates food to Mt Hagen Hospital

A local woman who has a heart for sick patients has donated some food items to Mt Hagen Hospital to feed its inpatients.

Ms Evelyn Wak from Koglamp village outside Mt Hagen City said when delivering the food items early this month that as a Western Highlander, she was sorry for those who were sick and hospitalised and had decided to help with some food to feed them.

She said God blessed everyone in many different ways and she wanted to use her little blessings to help fellow Western Highlanders who were in need.

Ms Wak who owns Sweat Clothing, a second-hand clothing outlet in Mt Hagen donated both garden produce and processed food. They included 7 bags of kaukau, 2 bags of cabbages, 5 bags of 20kg rice, 4 cartons of Maggie noodles and 4 bottles of 1-litre cooking oil.

This was not the first time for her to make such a donation. She had made some cash donations previously including a recent one to help fight against the spread of Covid-19 in the province.

The acting Manager of Mt Hagen Hospital, Dr Joseph Kuk said not many people were kind-hearted like Ms Wak and thanked her for the kind donation.

He said Ms Wak had set a good example for other Western Highlanders to follow and help the hospital at this time when it was having difficulties feeding its patients due to financial constraints faced by the country.

Dr Kuk told Ms Wak that she was not a clinician to treat patients with medicine to help them recover but what she had done would make them happy and get help through the healing process.

Local woman donates food to Mt Hagen Hospital
Ms Evelyn Wak (standing centre with bilum on the side) is pictured with WHPHA staff and the food items.