Nurses complete week long research methodology training

Nurses complete week long research methodology training

Senior nurses from the Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority (WHPHA) can now do research into better ways and means of providing professional care and treatment for their patients.

This follows their successful completion of a five-day training course on research methodology conducted at the Mt Hagen Hospital Training Centre from 20th – 24th May 2019.

The thirty senior nurses who undertook this training have expressed great satisfaction at the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge and skills which would help them find better ways and means of caring for their patients.

The research methodology training for nurses was conducted by Mr Thompson Telepo, the Deputy Dean of Nursing at the UPNG School of Medicine and Health Sciences at the request of the WHPHA management.

Chief Executive Officer of the WHPHA, Mr David Vorst said research methodology was an exciting new thing for the nursing profession which for a long time had not had the same opportunities to conduct research as medical officers and other clinical staff.

He said for the nurses to learn about research was a wonderful thing as it would help them to learn and practise new ideas that would help provide better quality care for patients.

“Research methodology is an exciting new thing and for you to learn and be equipped with the necessary skills is a wonderful thing. So make use of our internet system and learn more”, he said.

Acting Director for Nursing Services, Sr. Janet Yamu praised Mr Vorst for making the training possible by making available the necessary funds.

She said it was the first time for such training to be provided for nurses and the support by the CEO motivated the nurses to put in extra effort to provide excellent patient care.

“Research is a very powerful tool and we can use it with the resources we have such as the internet and we can find and use the information gathered to provide quality care to our patients”, she said.

Sr. Yamu also thanked Mr Telepo for spending time with the nurses and imparting valuable knowledge which they would now use to improve the way they care for the patients.

She said other health organisations spent a lot of money to send their staff to universities to undertake such training but WHPHA was fortunate to have Mr Telepo conduct the training at its own campus.

Mr Telepo said research was new knowledge and it was the way to go during this time of rapid growth in new technology and clinical practice development. He said through research new knowledge could be acquired which would help provide improved health care to patients.

The pictures show the nurses during their training as well as the presentation of certificates to some of them and a group photo:




















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