Public urged to pay only approved fees

A schedule of approved fees for various clinical services as well as reports and tests has been put on display at the Revenue Section at the front of the Mt Hagen Hospital for the public to see and pay.

The public is therefore asked to pay the scheduled fee for all clinical services and reports provided by the Hospital and the fee must be paid at the Revenue Section and not to individual hospital staff members.

If a staff member charges anyone for treatment or for any other service provided, that person should be reported to the Chief Executive Officer or the Hospital Manager of the Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority (WHPHA) immediately so that appropriate action could be taken against that officer.

Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority, Mr. David Vorst said all payments must be made to the Revenue Section where a stamped official receipt will be issued.

He said patients should not give money to individual staff members who have no authority to collect any fees.

Mr. Vorst said this after receiving reports that some patients had paid staff for receiving treatment or for getting reports at the Accidents and Emergency Unit.

He said the only authorised place to collect fees for various services provided at the hospital was the Revenue Section and people must go there to pay.