Orientation for new employees

Orientation for new employees

New employees of Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority (WHPHA) have been told to challenge themselves and personalize everything they do to win the hearts of those whom they serve and see better health outcomes.

Speaking during an orientation workshop recently, Chief Executive Officer of WHPHA, Dr. James Kintwa told the new recruits that working as a team and sharing resources was very important for patient care.

He said all employees, especially clinicians are very important when it comes to patient care because they make the decision themselves on how to treat a patient.

“Treat a patient as though it is your father, mother, brother, sister, wife, husband or child and give due care to everyone you treat”, he said.

Dr. Kintwa also told the employees to be honest to themselves and to God because by doing this, God would guide them to carry out their duties well and patients would appreciate what they do for them.

He said every employee was important and this was decided by the job on hand, adding that if a person was to put an IV on a patient, he or she would not need to wait for the CEO to come and show him or her how to do it.

“It is you who must make that decision to put the IV on a patient and that is why you are important”, Dr. Kintwa said.

He said the WHPHA’s motto is “no mother or child should die during pregnancy, child birth or the post-partum period” and “accountability for quality health services”.

Dr. Kintwa added: “If we improve on our accountabilities to ourselves and to others, everything will work well and we will provide a better health service to all our people”.

Orientation for new employees
Some of the new employees pose for a picture after their orientation.