WHPHA News January-February 2013 issue

THE INFORMER – January – March 2013

Hello everyone and welcome to “The Informer”, your monthly newsletter containing news and information about happenings within the Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority.

“The Informer” is an in-house newsletter aimed at informing you, our staff at the Provincial Headquarters as well as the Mt Hagen Provincial Hospital and our rural facilities including health centres, aid-posts and health sub-centres about what goes on around you.

This is the first issue for the year 2013 and the fourth since its introduction in June last year and we dedicate it to the 2nd Anniversary of the Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority.

Our CEO, Dr. James Kintwa has a column in this newsletter on page 2 titled “Message from the Chief Executive Officer” in which he talks about topics or issues of importance which he wants all of us to know about so take time to read this newsletter whenever you get the chance to pick up a copy.

In this Anniversary edition he highlights some of our achievements since the establishment of the WHPHA and our plans for future developments.

Copies of this newsletter will be sent to all urban and rural health facilities in both the Western Highlands and Jiwaka Provinces and I urge you to read it so that you are kept informed of what is happening around you.

We would also like to know about anything interesting happening at your facility so flood me with all those stories (and pictures) and let your colleagues know of what is happening in your area.

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